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Dean Miller, CPT and Fatbusters Founder, developed the Fatbusters Program over years of personal experience.

The late 1970's early 80's had Dean WINNING the Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship and 1980 Toughman Championship (Richmond, Virginia Region) and competing in the national finals held at the Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan. The BEST shape of his Life... UNTIL.......

  Dean developed severe adult onset asthma in January of 1987. The next three years found him admitted to hospitals nine times and visiting emergency rooms over fifty times. The last hospitalization at MCV, pulmonary doctor said Dean had the lung capacity of a 99 year old man... Approaching 40, he was nearing 300 pounds. He finally realized, he was "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

  He began "bodybuilding" at 40; Focusing on spiritual fitness, positive mental attitude and creative visualization, he BEAT the asthma and dropped over 75 pounds!

  At 40, Dean followed, once again, his Fatbusters philosophy, which he created earlier to be a "Toughman". The Fatbusters Program was used to BEAT the weight, BEAT the asthma and take "baby steps" towards his FIRST competition,which was in March ,1992.  April found him WINNING the A.A.U. Masters Mr. Virginia. A year and a halfafter his Mr. Virginia win, Dean placed 4th(Lt.Hvywt), in the prestigious, 1993 N.P.C. Masters Nationals. 1994 found Dean WINNING the A.A.U. Mr. America (masters 40-49)(" The MOST prestigious bodybuilding, amatuer competition)
  A.A.U. Mr. Virginia, A.A.U. Tri-Cities, N.P.C. Virginia State,  Natural Musclemania National Championship and Superbody WORLD Natural Bodybuilding Champion are just a few of Dean's bodybuilding WINNING accomplishments.(92-2000) Dean has competed in about 20 competitions; WINNING OVER 80%, a couple of WINS, were in the OPEN class(any age).  His lowest placing (6th), was in Atlantic City, NJ, competing in the A.A.U. Mr. Universe(masters).
  Dean took exercise and GOOD nutrition to it's EXTREMES(competitive bodybuilding); however, ANYONE that works out, IMPROVING their HEALTH and FITNESS, NO MATTER your age...IS a bodybuilder!!
  Dean's wife, Michele, Certified Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist; is also an avid fitness enthusiast. Running the New York marathon, mountain biker/ hiker ;she brings HIGH energy to the Fatbusters team. She is also a Class Winner in the 1999 Tournament of Champions bodybuilding classic. 
  One of Dean's favorite sayings is:" EXERCISE and GOOD Nutrition, IS the REAL Fountain of YOUTH; with TIME,PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE, YOU WILL be, where YOU want to be....EVENTUALLY!!"TM

  Dean's Fatbusters Fitness Show(producer and host) appeared on Blab TV (live cable TV) cable network, helping many get in the best shape of their life.

  Currently, Dean is available for Phone Fitness Consultations. Being involved in fitness for over 30 years, Dean has also been a FOOD Trainer for many people... teaching people, that "dinner out", can be not only nutritious, and FUN!
His Fatbuster training system "GUARANTEE'S results, or YOU get your "ole" body back!"SM
  Dean also does consulting work with fitness centers as a "trouble shooter" or fitness center "SHOPPER.", helping management, "fine tune" their staff.. Call or email for details.